Smooth roller crusher

Roll Crusher Introduction

The roller crusher is suitable for medium and fine crushing of solid materials, such as coal, coal gangue, coke, limestone, iron ore, quartz stone and sulfur ore in cement, chemical industry, electric power, mining, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, coal mines.

Roller crusher is mainly divided into double roller crusher and four roller crusher.

The roller crusher is equipped with two crushing rollers. According to the particle size required by the user, roll crusher can be divided into smooth roller crusher and tooth roller crusher. Smooth roller crusher is suitable for fine crushing operations where the feed particle size is less than 80mm and the final size 1-10mm. The gear roller type is suitable for the medium and fine crushing with feed particle size is less than 150mm and the finished product particle size is 5-30mm.

The four-roll crusher is suitable for the medium and fine crushing operation with the feed particle size less than 90mm and the finished product particle size 0.3-10mm.

Working Principle

The roller crusher uses the high strength abrasion resistant alloy crushing roller. It relys on the high extrusion pressure generated by the relative rotation to crush the material. After the material enters the two-roller gap (V-shaped crushing chamber), By the extrusion pressure and shear force of the relative rotation of the two crushing rollers. Under extrusion, the material is broken into the required particle size and discharged from the discharge outlet.

Features & Advantages

1. High Crushing Rate, high crushing efficiency, low over-crushing rate;

2. Wear Resistant Parts: the double roll crusher roller is equipped with a replacement wear resistant lining board with wear resistant material, with long service time;

3. The output particle size can be adjusted less than 150mm, automatically adjusted by adjusting the clearance of the roller, to meet the different crushing requirements of customers;

4. The roller crusher has a simple and reliable structure, and when it encounters large and hard clinker blocks, it can be handled manually under the condition of continuous operation.

Technical Parameter

Model Max. Feeding Size(mm) Discharging Size(mm) Capacity
Protection Mode Transmission Mode
2PG400×250 25 1-5 1.5-10 3×2 Spring Coupling or V-belts
2PG400×400 35 1-10 3-30 5.5×2
2PG600×500 40 1-20 6-50 15×2
2PG800×600 60 1-20 10-100 18.5×2
2PG1000×800 80 1-30 15-130 30×2 Spring hydraulic coupler
2PG1200×800 90 1-30 30-250 37×2
2PG1200×1200 90 1-30 40-350 55×2
2PG1600×1200 100 1-30 60-420 75×2
2PG1600×1600 110 1-30 75-550 110×2
2PG1800×1600 130 1-30 90-700 132×2
2PG2000×1800 150 1-30 100-900 200×2

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