PF Series Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher Introduction

Impact crusher is used as secondary crusher to crush medium and soft mineral & rock, such as limestone, calcite, granite,barite, gypsum, dolomite, concrete etc.

Impact Crusher Structure

Working Principle

The PF series is a crushing machine that uses impact energy to break down materials. During operation, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed. When the material enters the action area of the hammer, it is broken by the high-speed impact of the hammer. The broken material is thrown in the tangential direction to the impact plate installed above the rotor to be broken again, and then The impact plate rebounds back to the hammer action zone and breaks again. This process is repeated until the material is broken to the desired particle size and is discharged from the discharge port. Adjusting the gap between the counter frame and the rotor can achieve the purpose of changing the material size and material shape

Features & Advantages

Optimized crushing chamber, higher capacity

The crushing chamber of HC series impact crushers is optimized, which obtains extra capacity, improves crushing reduction and lower your capital costs.

Reliable overload and tramp iron protection device

For the protection of the rotor body and blow bars, the impact crushers optimize overload and tramp iron protection device. The impact aprons retract under excessive load. As soon as the load value returns to normal, the impact aprons resumes its pre-set position, and operation continues without interruption.

Heavy rotor design and unique blow bar fixing system provide reliability

It adopts heavy rotor design, which not only improves reliability, but also increases moment of inertia of rotor and capacity. The fixing of blow bar is improved to make the exchange easy and fixing reliable.

Investment economy

Overall type cast steel structure bearing base improves anti load resistance capacity.

Mature and stable

Advanced Manufacture process and high-end fabrication material

Easy-adjusted learance between impact plante and blow bar

Two or three chamber configuration upon needs

PF Series Impact Crusher Video

Technical Parameter

Model Rotor Spec.
Feed Opening
Max. Feeding Size(mm) Capacity
Overall Dimensions
PF1007 Ф1000×700 400×730 250 15-60 45 2330×1660×2300
PF1010 Ф1000×1050 400×1080 300 50-90 75 2455×2086×2800
PF1210 Ф1250×1050 400×1080 300 70-130 110 2590×2050×2810
PF1214 Ф1250×1400 400×1430 300 90-180 132 2590×2400×2810
PF1315 Ф1320×1500 860×1520 350 120-250 200 2930×2760×3050
PF1320 Ф1320×2000 860×2030 500 160-350 340 3320×3218×2613

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